Welcome to the Gametale AU WikiEdit

An official wiki for the Gametale AU (Undertale). This AU was created by AnimePineapple.

This AU Is aimed at the characters, Sans, Asriel, Chara, And frisk, In the AU Pretty much all the characters are (Aged 10-12) Gamers. Except for characters like Toriel and asgore.

This takes place after frisk had fallen down MT. Ebott and freed all monsters (Dun ask how chara and asriel are alive, Please)

And they decide to take a path... down gaming?

NOTE: Frisk and Chara are mentioned as girls in the Wiki but doesn't mean you have to reference them as girls in Fan-Material of the AU.


An AU of the game UNDERTALE. Named Gametale.

Latest activityEdit

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